Fergus Stothart is Director/DP whose distinctive style is highly aesthetic, with emphasis on spectacular photography and believable filmmaking. He builds passionate and emotional stories that evoke a powerful response from viewers.  Fergus loves the short formats of advertising spots and is a strong believer in the power of brand loyalty and identification. Above all, he is a perfectionist, tireless in ensuring the original ideas at the heart of every great treatment reach their full creative potential.

Fergus was born in Sydney, Australia, where his father is a painter and his mother interior designer. He grew up on a small farm north of Sydney and spent much of his later childhood living in Europe, attending school in France and Greece before returning to Melbourne, Australia. When his family moved to Spain in late 1980s, Fergus attended  photography course at Catalan Institute for Photography.

In 1991 he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark and worked as an assistant photographer for various photographers.  He started shooting himself in Scandinavia before moving back to Barcelona where he quickly became one of Spain’s leading photographers – shooting for Volkswagen, Audi, Sheat, Renault.  He specialized in shooting cars, winning awards at Cannes, Sol, FIAP, and CLEO among others.  His most treasured award is Audi International’s  “Best Print Ad of the Year”.

Audi commissioned Fergus to direct his first television commercial in 2005 and he has never looked back at what he saw as a natural progression for a dedicated photographer. He has since directed spots for clients including Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Chrysler, Puig, Alpura and The Canary Islands.



Who I Am

A beautiful, cinematic spot that harkens back to Fergus’ origins as a still photographer. Each frame is deliberate, well-crafted, and beautiful.



This spot showcases Fergus’ fun/energetic ability to capture very real, playful moments. Never compromising cinematic quality, Fergus knows how to have a good time on set and brings home the bacon…literally.


Short Film

Fergus is constantly creating, never traveling without a camera. Most people create home movies. Fergus creates home cinematic masterpieces. This is one of them.


All In

Sports and athletics is another area where Fergus thrives. This spot is an example of how he’s able to use his great technical knowledge and experience to create amazing visuals that capture the intensity of the sport, while still connecting the audience to the athlete in a human way.


Can I Get One Now?

Another example of Fergus’ deft lifestyle work and his ability to create very real moments with children and families (and even fish!).



This spot shows the beauty of industry and the workers who create Roca products. It follows a bathtub from inception to final use and combines beautiful cinematography with industrial backdrops.



One of Fergus’ great strengths is marrying multiple storylines together to create an overall theme and overarching story. Alpura is a great example of this, a masterfully woven film that again touches on the themes of work and lifestyle.



In this piece, Fergus fuses his love of sport with multiple storylines/locations to generate an exciting spot following the many people that a soccer match touches.