We Take a Three Pronged Approach



We’ve worked in lockstep with a long list of clients and ad agencies to produce memorable campaigns for tons of global brands – The Home Depot, Ford, Walmart, Disney, Chase, AT&T, and McDonalds, just to name-drop a few.

Our curated roster of directors and our vast Rolodex of creative collaborators are among the most provocative and relevant in the game today. Outside-the-box brains allow us to pull off any media slate while working with any budget size. There’s no creative ceiling under the Wild Plum roof.



We’ve delivered dynamic social content to the likes of Virgin, LegalZoom, Kellogg’s, and Allergan Pharmaceuticals, and believe that with the variety of content platforms out there, every brand and business deserves a premium yet affordable content presence in the socialsphere.

It’s an exciting time for brands to thrive in the ether, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to take advantage of the medium’s endless possibilities.



Our four walls were the creative incubator for Ford’s American Idol content. We conceptualized, produced, and finished a campaign for Virgin Mobile’s “Inner Circle.” We brought to life Alan Tudyk’s vision for the Vimeo series Con Man.

As a creative collective, we draw inspiration from each other and work as a team with our partners to achieve their goals. Whether it’s bringing an advertising campaign to the screen, producing an independent passion project, or tinkering with a new platform, we pride ourselves on always daring to strive the original way.