Tony Oberstar


Minnesota native Tony Oberstar started working in the industry on a TV show when he was 18 fresh out of high school and never looked back.  A natural in the camera department, Tony quickly became one of the youngest union ACs in the industry’s history, and then kept climbing the ladder, camera operating, DPing, and directing at every opportunity.

Tony is a gifted visualist, who is able to make his subjects forget the camera is even there, creating one-of-a-kind moments, whether it’s with an actor, or telling the story of a real person.  His talents have led him to the crews of some of the industry’s biggest names – Ron Howard, Adam Mckay, Janus Kaminski, Oliver Wood, Spike Jonze, Emmanuel Lubezki, JJ Abrams, and Judd Apatow, to name a few.

Tony is a master at shooting in non-traditional environments and has circled the globe, literally, while filming.  He has shot in all 50 states and 19 different countries…all this is to say, if you put Tony in a place with a camera, great things will happen.

Tony has had work screened in Telluride, SXSW, Newport Beach, Cleveland, and Holly Shorts Film Festivals and is very active in the Tahoe Film Festival.  He loves to share his experience and give back by mentoring high schoolers on film and video production, and has helped create videos for Cancer, Epilepsy, and Mental Health communities.

As a director, Tony’s clients include Ford, Mary Kay, Skechers, Vitamin Water, and Peloton – always showcasing his ability to storytelling through documentary filmmaking.  Tony always has a camera with him, even when he’s doing something else he loves, like playing volleyball, snowboarding, taking a road trip or going to a museum – he’s always got his eye open for the next opportunity to learn, which in turn makes him such a fantastic filmmaker.







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